Message from VADA 3/23/20

We are pleased to share the Executive Order permits service and sales departments to remain open at Virginia’s franchised new car and truck dealerships. That said, the Order treats service and sales departments differently. Please pay attention to the following to ensure compliance with the Governor’s directive.
Service and Parts
Executive Order 53 makes clear that “Automotive parts, accessories, and tire retailers as well as automotive repair facilities” are “essential retail businesses” that “may remain open during their normal business hours.” There is no limitation on the number of customers that can be in a service department at a given time.
Sales and F&I
Sales and finance operations can remain open provided there are no more than 10 sales and/or F&I patrons—or customers—in the dealership at any one time. That “10” figure excludes dealership personnel. In other words, it is critical there are no more than 10 non-employees for sales and/or F&I purposes at any one time.

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