Governor Kate Brown Releases Plan for Rebuilding a Safe and Strong Oregon

Summary provided by OADA. Full press release available here.

Counties can apply May 8 to begin reopening May 15 if they meet these criteria:

  • Show a decline in COVID-19 or have fewer than five hospitalizations
  • Have sufficient testing and contract testing capacity
  • Establish plans for isolation and quarantine of new cases
  • Have hospital capacity to handle a surge in cases
  • Have enough PPEs for health care workers.

 Counties that meet those criteria can re-open”

  • Restaurants and bars for sit-down service
  • Personal care and services businesses, including barbers and salons
  • In-person gatherings of up to 25 people.

Apparently a number of rural counties are expected to meet the criteria. She also said large gatherings, like concerts, conventions, sporting events, will be cancelled at least through September. There has to be “reliable” treatment or prevention — vaccines – for those to open.