Re-Opening Requirements

Many of you have asked about the new requirements for retail businesses now that counties are approved to start phase one re-opening. Specifically, the requirement for face masks.
Retail stores are required to:Limit the number of customers in the retail store and focus on maintaining at least six (6) feet of distance between people and employees in the store. Store management should determine maximum occupancy to maintain at least six (6) feet of physical distancing, considering areas of the store prone to crowding (like aisles) and limit admittance accordingly.Post clear signs (available at listing COVID-19 symptoms, asking employees and customers with symptoms to stay home, and listing who to contact if they need assistance.Use signs to encourage physical distancing.Frequently clean and sanitize work areas, high-traffic areas, and commonly touched surfaces in both customer/public and employee areas of store. Wipe down changing room doorknobs, walls and seating between each customer use.Require all employees to wear cloth, paper or disposable face coverings. Businesses must provide cloth, paper or disposable face coverings for employees.
Full Requirement Report
After seeking further guidance, OADA recommends:Office staff, technicians and call center employees that are working within six feet of one another without a physical barrier of some sort, need masks. If they have space and/or barriers they are fine to work without masks.Customer facing employees should wear face covering of some sort.Employers must provide the face coverings.Customers entering the business are not required to wear masks, but dealers are encouraged to offer for their use.
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