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Highlights of today’s alert include a sample COVID-19 Worksite Prevention and Response Plan, anticipated relaxation of Bay Area shelter-in-place orders, access to today’s CNCDA webinar recording, a newly released CNCDA Member Toolkit, and access to today’s NADA webinar recording.

 Daily Highlights 

Sample COVID-19 Worksite Prevention and Response Plan and Related Materials Available on CNCDA Comply

As we’ve noted in several prior alerts, the State of California issued dealership-specific guidance and a corresponding checklist on May 7. (Click here).  This guidance is detailed; significant requirements include the adoption of a workplace specific COVID-19 plan, employee training on COVID-19, and daily symptom checks for employees. 

Fine, Boggs, and Perkins LLP has developed the following documents, which are available free of charge for CNCDA members on our website: 

  • A Sample Worksite Prevention and Response Plan
  • COVID-19 Employee and Management Training Materials
  • A Symptom Check Form 

You can access these materials on CNCDA Comply by clicking here

More robust COVID-19 compliance resources, including a symptom check phone app, are also being developed for HR Hotlink members. (Click here.) 

Three Bay Area Counties Announce Intent to Relax Shelter-in-Place Orders

Dealers in the Bay Area currently face the most stringent restrictions on vehicle sales, as the local orders only allow in-person sales to occur outdoors and in limited circumstances. It appears that these restrictions may ease soon. 

Over the past couple days, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Alameda counties have announced an intent to issue new less restrictive shelter-in-place orders in the coming days. (Click here.) San Mateo County officials in particular have announced that they intend to issue a new order that adopts the statewide order, which allows in-person vehicle sales. The order would be effective May 18. (Click here.) 

CNCDA will update you once these new orders become available. 

CNCDA Webinar Recording

Today, CNCDA hosted a free webinar, Coronavirus Laws and Your Dealership: Part III. Topics discussed included changes to restrictions on vehicle sales, Paycheck Protection Program forgiveness, updates on health orders including social distancing protocols, and employment issues including sick employees, leave and unemployment. If you missed this valuable webinar, please click here to access the recording. 

CNCDA Releases New Member Toolkit  

Yesterday, CNCDA released a new member resource, Restarting California’s New Car Dealerships in the Wake of COVID-19: Member Toolkit, aimed at streamlining the information we have been distributing over recent months related to COVID-19. This exclusive Member Toolkit is designed to help dealerships implement new protocols and procedures, ensuring the health and safety of consumers and employees, in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. The Toolkit serves as an informational checklist, which includes key resources for critical areas that dealerships need to be aware of as they reopen to the public and begin to resume day-to-day operations. Please click here to access this new resource. 

NADA Webinar Recording 

Today, NADA held a webinar, Clarifying Guidance form SBA and Treasury, discussing the latest guidance PPP borrower certifications. If you missed this informative webinar, please click here to access the recording. 

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