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Yesterday, Governor Greg Abbott has expanded the ability of mayors and county judges to impose restrictions on outdoor gatherings of over 100 people. Previously, this applied only to outdoor gatherings over 500 people. The Governor has also directed the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to enact emergency rules that provide strict health and safety standards and procedures related to COVID-19 for child care centers in Texas. These two actions are based on data showing an increase in COVID-19 transmission stemming from large gatherings and child care centers.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) delayed an expected announcement regarding reopening public schools for the fall semester. “We are unable to give final guidance today on on-campus instruction. We are actively monitoring the situation and we will try to get out final information as quickly as possible,” Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath said during a Tuesday briefing of school superintendents who had been expecting Morath to outline the agency’s reopening guidelines. TEA did release documents today related to public planning guidance and attendance and enrollment.

·      School Year 2020-21 Public Planning Guidance
·      School Year 2020-21 Attendance and Enrollment FAQ

Confirmed Positive Cases of COVID-19 in North Texas
17,744 in Dallas County (445 are new) & 324 deaths (7 are new)
9,386 in Tarrant County (260 are new) & 211 deaths (1 is new) (4,513 recovered)
2,302  in Denton County (83 are new) & 36 deaths (0 new) (1,080 recovered)
2,359 in Collin County (111 are new) & 38 deaths (0 new) (1,354 recovered)
539 in Ellis County & 19 deaths 
264 in Rockwall County & 16 deaths 
374 in Kaufman County & 4 deaths

To view a chart showing how the cases have increased over time, please see the City of Dallas dashboard here.

Hospital Reports
Here are the bed and ventilator capacity statistics for today as reported by 25 hospitals in the City of Dallas: 

Total beds: 6083
Beds occupied: 4034 (66%)
Total ICU beds: 942
ICU beds occupied: 652 (69%)
Total ventilators: 960
Ventilators in use: 347 (36%)

Statewide Covid-19 Statistics-
Total Test:             1,805,642
Cases Reported:       120,370
Fatalities:                     2,220
Recoveries:                70,714
Active Cases:             47,436
Hospitalizations:          4,092
Positivity Rate:            9.76%

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